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Rubuilds was established in December 2017 and heads the proven in the field of investment design, design and urban planning architectural offices - A.C.A. Ltd, WeArh Ltd and CityControl Ltd., as well as several investment companies - RUHouse, RUHomes and others.

We are a team of architects who believe in good planning, modern design and high quality living environment. We have designed a residential building that reflects our professional goals as architects, in which each of us would be happy to live in.


RUHouse is the first realized project of the investment company of the same name, awarded with the first prize "Building of the Year" for 2019 in the category "Multi-family residential buildings", as well as with the prize "Property of the Year" for 2019 at the Annual Awards.

The investment project started at the end of 2017 and was built in 26 months. The building complex was completed at the end of 2019 and successfully implemented in terms of sales.

RUHouse II, like its predecessor RUHouse, has been researched, carefully planned and designed by the partners - architects-investors.



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