project and design

The building is 9-story above ground level. The design offers a spatial solution which is a composition of dynamic volumes with different heights - 9, 8, 6 or 4 stories. Additional accents in the composition are unique wooden boxes made of HPL panels FUNDERMAX, they accommodate luxury apartments with a higher clear floor height (3.40 m). All terraces, including those on the top floor, are covered taking into consideration sun exposure. The flooring of the terraces is cold-resistant granite. The openwork railings are made in two variations - glass or metal mesh in accordance with architectural detail.

The facade is designed in two contrasting colors, consisting of wide-format facade granite tiles LAMINAM. The aluminum joinery is SCHÜCO with triple glazing and interrupted thermal bridge. Other facade elements are vertical green walls, behind them are hidden the outdoor air conditioners. The linear lighting fixtures on the façade are planned to be made specially for the building. The roofs of the building are flat, covered with pebbles.

The planned SCHINDLER elevators are of the highest class - for eight people, with wide designer cabins.

All external walls are insulated with a thermal insulation system of mineral wool and veil, located behind the composite facade panels. The façade’s type is ventilated.

An important advantage of the project is the large area of green yard with garden lighting, in addition to an attractive water area. Furthermore, the garden includes various areas for recreation.

Specifications and completion of the building


  • Monolithic, beamless, reinforced concrete


  • HPL Fundermax panels for facade application, suspended on an aluminum structure - Ventilated facade - 10-year warranty by law with 20-year warranty of the material.
  • Wide format ceramic facade slabs LAMINAM in two colors, suspended on an aluminum structure - Ventilated facade – 10-year warranty by law with 20-year warranty of the material.
  • Stone cladding of the retaining walls in the yard according to the architectural project.
  • Silicate facade plaster in colour according to the architectural project.
  • Exterior aluminum window casing according to the architectural project.
  • Tempered glass railings - triplex 10.10.2 - with floor grip and metal frame railings with mesh - galvanized and powder coated according to RAL.


  • Aluminium profile system for windows ‘Schüco’ AWS 70 HI, with thermal break, powder coated in color, triple glazed windows - three panes: 42 mm - 6 mm outer four seasons glass / 14 mm Argon 90% / intermediate 4 mm glass / 14 mm Argon 90% / inner 6 mm glass.
  • Bitumen waterproofing and vapor barrier aluminium tape along the perimeter of the windows.


  • Thermal insulation - XPS (extruded polystyrene) with d = 20 cm, screed to ensure the slopes and granular mineral bitumen roof waterproofing membrane, finish layer - pebbles.

Vertical planning and Landscaping

  • According to a specially developed project - garden lighting, street lighting, alleys, landscaping, watering system, park furniture.



  • Cement screed in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, toilets, corridor, hallway, closet - "floating" type reinforced screed on top of thermal insulation and sound insulation layer of floor mineral wool - min. 3-4 cm.


  • Exterior brick walls - 25 cm "Wienerberger-Porotherm" - with thermal insulation with d = 10 cm of mineral wool with waterproofing veil, cladding with facade HPL panels and large-format granite tiles, railings - openwork metal and glass with a grip in the floor. Internal wall finish is machine gypsum plaster according to BSS (Bulgarian State Standard).
  • Internal partition walls - 25 cm brick "Wienerberger-Porotherm", machine gypsum plaster according to BSS (Bulgarian State Standard).
  • Internal partition walls in the apartments - 12 cm brick "Wienerberger-Porotherm", machine gypsum plaster according to BSS (Bulgarian State Standard).


  • Machine gypsum plaster according to BSS (Bulgarian State Standard).

Balconies, loggias and terraces 

  • Cold-resistant granite flooring, with a railing installed according to the architectural project - fully completed.


  • Entrance doors - armored with included hardware, three-sided lock, cash lock, secret cartridge, armor, enclosure, spyhole and stainless steel handle, with HPL coating - wood effect.

Common parts - fully finished 

  • Stairs and landings - floor - cement screed and granite flooring, metal railing and handle, walls - painted with latex on gypsum plaster, ceilings - painted with latex on gypsum plaster, with designer lighting project.
  • Main lobbies and corridors - floor - cement screed and granite flooring, walls - paneling and cladding according to an interior design project, suspended plasterboard ceilings, painted with latex on gypsum plaster, with lighting according to a design project.


  • Floor - polished concrete.
  • Walls - exposed concrete, between the separate garages - fire-resistant partition walls "AQUAFIRE" with reinforced construction of UA profiles.
  • External walls at the maneuvering area - fire-resistant partition walls "AQUAFIRE" with reinforced construction of UA profiles.
  • Ceilings - exposed concrete insulated with mineral wool with a black veil - 10 cm.
  • Sectional doors with remote control - Hörmann - for each individual garage.
  • Main doors - sectional with remote control – Hörmann – on the main entrances to the parking floor – at the ramps.
  • Electrical installation - executed according to the project - sockets, electric panel and lighting in each garage.
  • Video surveillance
  • Visual communication – numbering and signs.


The building will be externally supplied with electricity, water and sewerage

Electrical installation 

  • Electrical installation - completed according to Bulgarian standards, with switches and sockets, built apartment panels with automatic fuses and residual current protection, cables laid in corrugated pipes
  • A system for video surveillance and access control will be built, covering the periphery of the building, in front of the residential entrances - main entrances to the yard, lobbies, access to the basements through the entrance ramps, in the underground garage
  • Outlets for lighting fixtures
  • Lighting fixtures in the common areas and the surrounding area
  • Cable TV and Internet network installation
  • Video intercom system installation with the possibility of remote opening and access control of the entrance doors of the building
  • Kitchens - all necessary outlets - dishwasher, refrigerator, cooktops, oven and extractor hood
  • Heating of the ramps

Plumbing installation 

  • Plumbing - polypropylene pipes with full insulation
  • Sewer pipes - PVC (silent)
  • Individual water meter for cold water, with remote access, for each home
  • Plumbing outlets for sink, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer at kitchen and closet
  • Dry pipe fire system in the common areas
  • Drainage around the building
  • Rainwater drainage in the building and heating of the roof boards
  • Site drainage

HVAC installation

  • HVAC installation - pipe network for individual heating installations, providing an opportunity for future placement of gas boilers for heating and hot water
  • Gas supply network to the entrance of each apartment
  • Pipe connections and power supplies for installation of inverter split-type air-conditioners, direct evaporative system (delivery and installation of indoor and outdoor units not included)
  • Outlets for aluminium radiators and bathroom towel radiators
  • General air exchange ventilation system in the underground parking garage

Gas installation

Dual-circuit gas boiler with individual gas meters if gas distribution network is available